How to factory reset Samsung A12 without Password (2022 update)

Samsung a12 factory reset without password

Samsung A12 has security features that prevent its users from restarting or powering off the phone if the password is not inputted, which means, you cant power off the phone without a pin in other to bypass this security feature and enter straight to recovery mod in other to factory reset the phone, you need to follow the following steps carefully

How to enter Recovery mode on Samsung A12 if the password is forgotten

  • Press the volume up button and power button together
  • wait for the Samsung logo to come up
  • Release and press the volume up button and power button together
  • you should enter recovery mode
  • use the volume rocker to navigate to wipe data

After this process, the phone should reset and request for your Google account to log in if none is assigned to the phone and if there is no Google account on the phone, you can continue with the phone setup

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