How to Remove picture background in 10secs with Smartphone

How to Remove Picture Background in 10secs with a Smartphone

Unwanted backgrounds in pictures can now be easily removed or erased using your smartphone in a second without the use of heavy PC software like CorelDraw or Photoshop. This has been made possible with so many developers developing Android and iOS apps capable of doing the job with zero graphics or photo editing knowledge, and this is done in seconds with just a click.

List of apps that Can remove Background from images

  • Canva
  • Background eraser
  • Background remover


Canva is a multipurpose graphic design app available on Android ios and the web, with Canva you can design a professional poster, YouTube thumbnail, Facebook poster, and also Instagram poster, most especially social media posts. It is a very lightweight powerful tool that has the ability to design posters professionally like CorelDRAW. Also, some premium tools and already designed ready-to-use premium posters that don’t need editing are also available on Canva. This is why it is used by designers although it has its limitations and at the same time it can be well utilized

Background eraser and Remover

Background eraser and Remover. The only function of this app is to remove unwanted backgrounds from any picture with just a single click. It is available in freemium and premium.

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