How to fix pos machine printer problem

How to fix the pos machine printer problem

Pos machine printers are designed in such a way that they don’t use toner or ink before they can print out receipts and that is why most of the printed receipts don’t last. They are not designed to last on paper.

As a pos operator, if you notice that your POS printer is bad there are two things that can be done if the rolling mechanism is still working but not printing on the paper.

How to fix your POS machine printer

If you are using any of these pos machines (opay, Moniepoint, Baxi pos, kudi or Nomba) and you notice that it is no longer printing properly or the receipt printout is not clear follow any of these two steps.

  • Change the paper- Some papers are too dry or not well produced and as a result, the printout won’t come out clearly. In this case, just change the paper to a new one
  • Change the roller- you can just change the printer roller by taking it to their office
  • Clean the roller – You can use a clean cloth or soft towel to dampen the roller

If none of these works just takes it to the office and note, do not open the pos machine or else it will trigger the safe mode feature which will disable the function on the machine.

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