Reasons why you couldn’t Recharge your prepaid meter

Reasons why you couldn’t Recharge your prepaid meter

Some Ikeja electric prepaid meter users are having issues and difficulties recharging their meters or buying units to make top-ups after the loaded one that comes with the meter has been exhausted. Some users are able to buy units but get errors when loading the token while others are not able to buy units for the meter. Below are the reasons why you are unable to load and buy tokens or units for the prepaid meter.

why you couldn’t Recharge your prepaid meter

Still on the old tariff

If you are on the old tariff, you will be able to buy a token unit but it won’t load, resulting in the error DDDDDD or AAAAAA. To solve this problem you have to do a tariff migration token for the meter before you can load the new token. To do this log on to https://www.ikejaelectric.com/kctcheck/

  • Insert the meter number
  • Generate new token for migration
  • Load the two tokens generated
  • After doing this
  • Load the unit.

Unpaid debt on the prepaid meter

If you have an unpaid debt on the postpaid before changing to prepaid, you need to clear the debt or have an agreement with the Ikeja official on how to offset the debt which can be done 40/60 which means that for every unit purchased 60% will be used to offset the debt while the remaining 40% will be used for token.

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