How to grow your social media account with Hawkit

How to grow your social media account with Hawkit

Are you having issues growing your social media account, or have been scammed by an influencer who has promised to give you followers but you end up getting bot followers with Hawkit, you get your followers after 24 hours of payment. With Hawkit you can grow any of your social media accounts including YouTube subscribers. Not only that you also make money as an Hawkit subscriber on every task performed.

How Does Hawkit Work

Hawkit simply gives out tasks to its followers to simply follow your page or youtube page and upload the proof after the task has been completed. this is to give you the assurance that the task has been performed. the followers also earn from the task performed which means you can also earn from Hawkit by signing up for the premium package which cost 1k monthly. this enables you to earn cash by performing tasks. Hawkit is legit and also doesn’t give fake followers

How much Hawkit Chargers per follower and page comment

AudioMack Followers ₦20 Per Follower
YouTube Views, like and Comments₦30 Per view and comment
Telegram Channel Member ₦100 Per Member
WhatsApp Group Members₦3 Per Follower
WhatsApp Advert ₦ 30 Per WhatsApp Status
Facebook shares ₦ 15 Per Share
Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram Comment ₦ 25 Per Comment
Youtube Subscribers₦50 Per Subscription
Facebook page likes and followers ₦5 Per Likes
Real Post Likes₦5 Per Like
Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram Followers₦3 Per Followers

How to fund my Hawkit account

You can use your debit card to fund Hawkit or use the quick teller account provided to fund your account which expires after 1min. So the best way to fund is to use Paystack payment gateway

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