Opay Pos (commission, charges, and service) Requirements

Opay Pos (commission, charges, and service) Requirements

Opay POS is another awesome pos machine with reasonable charges and an excellent network. As an Opay pos agent, you get to enjoy a lot of benefits from the platform which includes the Opay merchant loan and the Opay debit card with zero maintenance charges. The Opay pos machine is one of the most commonly used terminals in the whole of Nigeria most especially in Lagos State. you can hardly be a mobile banking agent without an Opay Machine. Getting one is quite easy compared to commercial bank terminals and also is free of charge. Below is how to apply for the opay pos

How to Apply for Opay pos machine

Getting an Opay Machine is quite easy and here are the steps to follow if you wish to get their machine free of charge. First, you need to download their app on ios or your android device and also make use you use it constantly.

Steps on how to apply for the Opay Machine

  • Click on my pos icon
  • Fill in all the necessary information
  • Upload your bank statement ( make sure you have carried out at least 1.5 million naira worth of transaction
  • Upload valid id card
  • The picture of your workspace environment.

Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed and if accepted, the sum of 20,000 Naira would be deducted from your Opay wallet as caution fees.

Another way to get the Opay Terminal is through a verified aggregator that has a physical office and not the ones that uses Opay name for a Facebook advert. So before you pay anybody make sure you visit their office as Opay will not be held accountable if you are being scammed.

Is Opay pos caution fee refundable?

The pos is given to you for free and the money deducted will be returned back to the agent if he or she returns the terminal in a good condition.

Opay charges per transaction

Opay withdrawal and deposit charges are in two segments.

Preferred Agent Regular Agent
0-10,000 0.5%
10,001-20,000 0.5%
20,000 -100,000 100 Naira
Above 100k 150 Naira
Transfer Charges
0-20,000 10 Naira
20,000 Above 20 Naira
0-10,000 0.6%
10,001-20,000 0.6%
20,000 -100,000 100 Naira
Above 100k 150 Naira
Transfer Charges
0-20,000 10 Naira
20,000 Above 20-50 Naira

Customer Service of Opay

The customer service rating, they are very bad at it, they don’t really have a good customer care representative service although their social media handle is a little more responsive than their call centre as you might not be attended to when you need them the most.

Network Strenght

When it comes to Opay network I can rate them 85% Uptime and 15% downtime. But whenever they are having network issues they act fast to rectify them, which is a good thing about them. but in most cases, the problem mostly comes from the services provider which is ”NIBSS” which also affects any pos under this service.

Types of Opay Pos Machine

Android Pos: This is the best among them, while the remaining two are still in their beta phase. the android pos can print and also check customer account balances and it runs on the Google operating system which is given out for free with 20k caution fees.

Analog Pos: This terminal costs only 10,000 Naira, which is also the caution fee. but this version is not as stable as the android version but updates are being rolled out to fix any issues agents are currently experiencing. the Opay analog also has the feature that the android version has.

Opay mini pos: This one looks like the regular mobile pos like paycentre and Baxi mpos and you need an android device before you can use this particular mobile pos with an external Bluetooth printer. it is given to the agent free of charge once you meet up the requirement

Opay pos cardless withdrawal

Press menu
Press 5( Opay )
Down arrow cursor
Then Press 7 ( cardless withdrawal )
Input amount- Press 1 to scan the bank list
Press the down cursor arrow button to view more banks
Press enter after the customer is done imputing the USSD on his/her mobile to print the receipt.

Opay agents commission

Opay agents make their money from the charges that they charge customers on every successful transaction. It means that if a customer wants to withdraw 10k and the agents charge him/her 200 Naira, the agent makes 150 naira gain while opay takes 50 Naira for the transaction charges.

Daily Target Of Opay pos

Opay pos daily target depends on the type of pos an agent is using the target of the mpos is different from that of analog and Andriod. the daily target of mpos is 10k while android and traditional opay pos is 30k and 50k respectively

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