How to apply for Baxi Box loan as a Baxi agent

How to apply for a Baxi Box loan as a Baxi agent

As we all know Baxi pos is one of the most used pos machines in Nigeria, and is using running a Baxi pos promo where they give out pos for free for an interested agent while the registration fees are 15k for the android pos, and 5k for the mpos.

In order to improve the quality of service for their agents and also to increase their working capital, Baxibox has rolled out a loan program called (pos) post-paid service.

This is a loan program where the agent can access instant loans without any collateral for them to boost their sales. How does this loan work?

How Baxi Box pos loan works

The loan service is categorized into 3 different packages which are

  • Baxi Sharp Sharp
  • Advance lite
  • Advance flex.

Baxi Sharp Sharp: This is a 24hrs loan offer given to eligible Baxi agents at a 2.5% interest rate and they are to return the money within 24hrs. The minimum is 3k while the maximum is 65k

Advance lite: This is a 72hrs loan offer for all eligible Baxi agents. This loan is to be utilized within 3 days and the minimum is 66k while the maximum is 200k

Advance flex: This is the last of the loan package which is available to the top-performing agents. The loan is given to an eligible agent to make use of it for 7 days with an interest rate of 6.0%.

How to qualify for a Baxi loan as an agent

Before a Baxi agent can access these loan they must always make use of the pos, the more the carried out transaction on the machine the more the chances increases

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