Can iPhone be locked and Restricted by Palmpay

Can iPhone be locked and Restricted by Palmpay?

This is one of the most asked questions by phone users. If iPhone can be locked or restricted by palmpay for late payment of an easy flex cash loan. Unlike Android, palmpay cannot lock or restrict iPhone phone functionality. The app that gives them the ability to do that cannot be downloaded and is not supported on iPhones.

The only people who can lock an iPhone are the network operators like MTN, GLO and 9mobile. Just like T-Mobile and other foreign network operators will activate a network lock on iPhone if the user fails to complete their payment plan or if the phone was stolen.

Reason Why iPhone is not available on Easybuy

The main reason why the iPhone is not on the easybuy list of phones that can be purchased and paid for in instalments is the of unavailability of the palmpay security app on ios devices, which will allow them to lock the phone when the owner defaults to payment

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