How to pay for AliExpress In Nigeria

How to pay for AliExpress In Nigeria

Making an online payment in Nigeria has never been easy ever since there has been a spending limit on the Naira Master and Visa card when making an international payment in the involved dollar. The limit has been set to 20 USD and some banks have totally stopped it the best alternative to use is a USD virtual card whose exchange rate is based on the black market. The virtual card can be linked to PayPal and can make payments up to 1000 USD or more compared to the 20 USD CBN limit on the naira card. Below is the Virtual card list supporting Ali’s express payment.

List of Virtual Cards that can be used on Ali Express

All the cards mentioned above can be used for any foreign online payment and can also be linked to PayPal for payment. They all have different charges and also the mode of operation. To fund any of the virtual cards, Just make a deposit of the amount in Naira, which is equivalent to the USD needed when converted

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