How to use Solar Panel without Battery

How to use Solar Panel without Battery

Using solar panels without batteries to power appliances with the use of only direct sunlight is possible but not advisable. Two techniques can be used if you want to power your home with just the solar panel without using the battery. The major reason why it is not advisable solar panels without a battery is because the power output coming from the panel to the inverter is not stable and most time more than the input required by the inverter. Using a solar panel of 20v to power an inverter that requires a power input of 14v will make the inverter burn out unless the input is stepped using these two techniques.

Using Solar Panels without battery

Diod technique

Diode: can be used to step down the power of the solar panel in other to meet the input requirement of the inverter. A diode will drop 0.6v of power from the panel. To reduce the output to 14v a total of 7 diodes will be needed and must be soldered in series. This method will make the power input match up with what is required by the inverter.

Using Bulk Converter

The bulk converter also can be used to step down the power input to the solar inverter to meet the power required. The bulk inverter must be connected between the solar panel and the inverter. The type of bulk inverter used will determine the type of appliance that can be connected.

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