Apps to convert your gift card to naira in Nigeria

Apps to convert your gift card to naira in Nigeria.

Converting your gift card to card has been made easy with these top 4 app that allows you to convert all your gift cards to cash instantly. Here are the reliable apps for the conversion of gift cards to cash at the best rate you can ever get.

Convert gift card to cash


Giftcardstocash app is available on both iOS and the play store for download. Once the app has been downloaded, They support all US gift cards and you can check the rate before uploading the card to the app. To Convert a card to cash follow these steps

  • Register as a new user
  • Login
  • Add your bank account
  • Check card rate if necessary
  • Click on sell card
  • Upload the card details
  • Submit to trade the cardtocash.


Tbay is also a reliable app where you can trade off your gift card and get instant cash without worries. They support vast numbers of gift cards like (Amazon, eBay, Google, iTunes card, steam, Chinese card and lots more) all gifts can be redeemed and also verified with ease. Steps to convert gift card to cash

  • Register as a new user
  • Login
  • Select the type of giftcard you want to trade
  • Sell the best trader with your best rate
  • Write how much you want to sell
  • Upload the card
  • Click on sell

Card world

Cardworld is another platform where you can sell off your giftcard and get credited to your card world wallet. They trade Google Play gift cards, Steam gift cards, iTunes gift cards, American gift cards, Nike gift cards Xbox gift cards and more. Just like Tbay, you can select from varieties of giftcard traders and check their reviews before trading them off

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