How to get loan from palmpay (palmpay Flexi loan)

How to get a loan from palmpay (palmpay Flexi loan)

How to apply for a palmpay loan with 16days interest-free is very easy. Before getting a loan from palmpay, you must have a good credit score record and be a frequent user of the palmpay app. What it means is that you have been using the app to receive and send cash. The condition that applies to getting a loan is that your phone IMEI will be registered on the palmpay server, so if you default payment the phone will be restricted

Steps to getting a palmpay loan

  • Install security plugin
  • Download palmpay app
  • register and upgrade your account
  • Click on the finance icon
  • Click on get Flex credit limit
  • Agree to activate ( your device info will be recorded )
  • Click on a cash loan

palmpay cash loan repayment

Repayment of palmpay okay card or flex cash is straightforward. Fund your palmpay account from any bank or pos agent to your palmpay account number and it will be deducted automatically.

The interest rate of a palmpay cash loan

Please be informed that the interest rate is 0.006% for the entire loan duration being 15 or 32 days.

Difference between flex card (okay card) and palmpay cash loan

Flex now is a buy now and pay later type of loan. This means you can only use the cash to pay for utility bills, and load airtime. It is an interest-free loan before the repayment date. While the cash loan can be withdrawn from the platform by transfer. To access the instant cash user must have a good credit score, and also be a constant user of the palmpay app

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