Increase your Blog earnings with Monetag

Increase your Blog earnings with Monetag

Propeller publisher now monetag is one of the best alternative ways to monetize your blog if Google AdSense doesn’t approve your blog or your blog doesn’t meet the requirement. Although their CPM might not be as high as google’s AdSense but is a great way to monetize one site. With 1k daily traffic, you can earn $3 or higher if your traffic is coming from tier 1 countries.

can I use monetag ads with Adsense?

Yes, Propeller publisher can be used with AdSense but you must first get your AdSense approval before adding the code to your blog or website. at the same time avoid using pop up ads as it increases website bouncing rate.

propeller ads monetag requirements

Must have a custom domain: For your site to get approved on propeller it must have a custom domain and not a subdomain URL. Subdomain URL is not supported on propeller

Not Adult content-related sites: Adult content-related sites are not allowed on the propeller publisher platform, other niche-related blogs are allowed but not an adult content site

How do propeller ads pay their publishers?

Unlike Google AdSense that the minimum payout is $100, and the minimum payout for propeller publishers is $5 which can be paid every Thursday of every week or at the end of the month. Payments are made to either any of these platforms Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney or skrill

Types of propeller publisher ad format

These are the list of the ad formats available for publishers using propeller to monetize their blog

  • Push Notification ad format
  • popunder ad format
  • Native banner ad format
  • On Click pop-under format

How to Verify your site on propeller publisher.

Verification codes need to be copied from your publisher dashboard and need to be pasted in your site theme header. Depending on the platform your blog is operating on, if you are running on blogger, you need to paste the code in the header of the theme for the verification process. and if you are making use of WordPress, a dedicated propeller WordPress plug is available for download you can then access your site using the plugin or contact the propeller support team for an assistant .support@monetag.com.

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