Using 100k to start Pos Business

Using 100k to start Pos Business 

100k is enough money to start a pos business and also get a good ROI of investment if it is well utilised, and this is what this article is all about to learn how to properly start a POS business with 100k

As we all know POS is a lucrative business and at the same time needs lots of capital before you can able to make a reasonable profit, The reason because the market is now over-saturated, and the current economy of the country is not really that okay which makes almost everyone operate the same business.

Now, you can hardly see any place without a pos kiosk erected as if it is the only business available in the country which has in one way affected the charges and profit agents make unlike before.

So the question is, is the business still as lucrative as before, can you start the business with 100k and make a good profit from it?

How to Maximize 100k for POS Business

With 100k you can start the business you can make 13 to 15k profit or more monthly which is 15% ROI on your investment and as time goes on you can make more depending on your capital and the constant increase of your customer base.

For you to make such profit or ROI with 100k as a start-up, these are the procedures to follow.

  • Go for a pos less than 20k Mpos to be specific it cost less than 5k
  • Partner with someone who has a shop or gets space and buys a plastic chair plus an umbrella
  • With this, you should have cash of 70k left
  • Print a small banner

As time goes on you can apply for a bank loan to meet up customers’ demands.

Type of pos to get and prices

  • Baxi Box pos 20k
  • paycentre 15k
  • palmpay 30k
  • Watu mpos
  • Opay pos 35k
  • Moniepoint Pos 22500k
  • Dotpay pos 30k
  • Itex pos 25

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