Virtual Dollar Cards that work on Aliexpress in Nigeria

Virtual Dollar Cards that work on Aliexpress in Nigeria.

If you are looking for a reliable virtual dollar card that can be used to make payments on Ali Express, then you have come to the right post. Here are the top virtual cards that can be used to make payments on Aliexpress without having any issues.

Virtual Dollar Cards that can be used on AliExpress

  • Chipper Cash. When it comes to virtual dollar cards, Chipper Cash is one of the best and they have been constantly providing quality service. The card works on almost all platforms that accept USD as a means of payment. You can either use the card directly on Ali Express or link it with PayPal payment. The cost of creating one now is 3 USD while funding is free with no charges.
  • Klasha Card: Unlike Chipper Cash, the klasha card offers two different types of card which are the pink klasha and the Black klasha card with different creation fees. The Pink Klasha card is specifically designed for streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple, Spotify, and the like and the card creation fee is 2.5 USD with zero maintenance fees. For the Black Klasha card, it costs 3.5 USD for card creation and 1 USD monthly maintenance fees which is more expensive than chipper cash. The black card can work on AliExpress, PayPal, and other international websites. Plus you can withdraw from PayPal with it.
  • Tribal pay which was launched early this year is also another good alternative just like Chipper Cash, their card creation costs 3 USD with no maintenance fees but you must make a 5 USD first payment after creating the card which makes it a total of 8 USD. With a monthly limit transaction of 40k USD. Also, note that you will be charged 2% +1 USD of any amount you want to fund on the card which makes it more expensive to use

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