Create a VTU website with WordPress via VTUpress

Create a VTU website with WordPress via VTUpress

Setting up a VTU website has been made easy for everybody which also including those with zero coding or web designing knowledge. With the VTU WordPress plugin, you can launch your VTU website in seconds and start selling SME data, utility bill payments, and other services. The VTU plugin allows you to create a VTU portal by just installing it on your WordPress-hosted site.

Requirements needed to Create a VTU Website

  • Domain
  • WordPress Hosting package
  • VTU Press Plugin
  • Product Api

Domain and hosting can be gotten from any web hosting service provider like qserver for example. This is one of the most important components needed to start a VTU portal. After this has been set up, you need to buy your VTUPress plugin this will help you create the user interface which also includes a payment gateway for customers to fund their wallets.

How does the vtupress plugin work?

The vtupress is the dashboard where all the VTU features can be accessed this includes

  • purchase of data which also includes SME
  • payment of electricity bill
  • payment of cable bills
  • Airtime to cash feature
  • Airtime purchase

All the services listed above can be accessed from the dashboard of each user when activated from the admin backend. But before any transaction can be performed, each service API must be connected and funded. So for example, if you are using Clubconnect API for your SME data, you must fund your Clubconnect wallet before such transaction can go through

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