Moniepoint Expense debit card features and how to get it

Moniepoint Expense card features and how to get it

Moniepoint as a financial company renders point-of-sales (POS) services to people to ease the stress of visiting a bank through their agency banking agents that are available in every part of the country including rural areas where little or no access to commercial banks. They have now transitioned into a microfinance bank which enables them to broaden their service and they have now launched the Moniepoint expense card which can be used on any atm nationwide.

The Debit card is available for both agents and those who have a Rolexmfb account which is owned by moniepoint. Interested agents can contact their aggregator for the moniepoint debit card which can also business expense card as it can withdraw up to 150k daily

Features of Moniepoint debit card.

  • Works with ATMs, POS terminals
  • Can be used for online payment that supports verve card
  • Moniepoint agents can make use of it instead of transferring to a personal bank
  • Fast dispute resolution

How to get a Moniepoint Debit/Expense Card

  • Create a moniepoint Business account
  • Login to the account
  • upload the necessary document for verification
  • Click on the left corner of the dashboard
  • Select Card
  • Click on Moniepoint Business
  • Select Proceed
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Make payment
  • wait for the card to be delivered by an agent

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