The reason why your money is in the ledger balance

The reason why your money is in the ledger balance.

Ledger Balance is the total money withdrawn from the bank and also deposited in a single day and it also includes the money that is credited into one’s bank account but has not been cleared to be added to the main balance. Money sent to other banks can also be added to the ledger balance when it is not successful which will be reversed back to the main balance within 24hrs if the transfer is not successful.

Reasons why your money is not added to the main Balance

  • Limit Reached
  • Reported account
  • Transaction yet to be cleared
  • Failed Transfer

Limit Reached: If the account holder operates a student account which has a limit of 150k- 300k for total deposit and 50-200k for a single deposit and the individual deposited more than then the required amount, the money will be added to the ledger balance pending the time the account is upgraded.

Reported Account: If one account is reported for illegal transactions, all money entering into the account will go under the ledger balance pending till the account is cleared of all allegations

Failed Transaction: If an account holder makes a transfer transaction and the receiver bank is having a network downtime, it will be added to the ledger balance till the receiver bank network is okay and if not the money will be reversed to the main balance after 24hrs.

Internal Network problem: When the bank is having an internal network problem crediting theor custmers, the money can goto the ledger balance till the netwroked is worked on and will be moved to the main balance.

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