List of Cheapest pos for agency Banking

List of Cheapest pos for agency Banking

The price of pos machines can be an issue for people who just want to start an agency banking business, Below is the Price of the cheapest pos machine one can get with a reliable network.

Cheapest POS machine for agency Banking

Baxi pos machine: A new Baxibox machine goes for 15k for the Android while 5k for the mpos. This money is just for registration fees while the pos is actually free. 10k is given back to the agent of the machine and is returned in Good condition.

Moniepoint pos: Moniepoint pos goes for 20-23k both the analog and the Android version while 10k is refunded back to the agent if the machine is returned back on good condition after one year of use.

Nomba pos: Nomba and Nomba pro machine goes for 20k. An interested agent can register on the Nomba app while they assign an agent to give you the pos.

Ourpass Pos: Ourpass Pos is given to agents for free after using the Ourpass app to transact.

Palmpay pos: The palmpay pay pos is leased to an agent for 25k and 30k respectively and can be purchased outrightly for 35k.

Commercial Banks pos: All commercial banks pos machines are given to interested and qualified agents for free once you are able to meet their requirements.

Note: The pos machines listed above are all on lease and not purchased, in order to fully own the device, the agent will need to pay more money. examples of the pos that can be fully own is Baxi, Opay and Palmpay pos

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