How to withdraw less than 50 USD on Payoneer

How to withdraw less than 50 USD on Payoneer

How to withdraw less than 50 USD from Payoneer is one of the most asked questions by people who use the platform to receive payments. The minimum withdrawal from Payoneer itself is 50 USD but users can still withdraw as low as 25 USD from the platform but it doesn’t support all banks.

This method only works with a few bank accounts, which must be USD and Not GBP. The lowest withdrawal using this method is 25 USD to withdraw less than that you need to order to close the account and request the support team to lower the withdrawal limit for that purpose.

Payoneer minimum withdrawal to a bank account

The minimum withdrawal is 50 USD but with the exception of some USD bank accounts you can withdraw 25 USD without having a Payoneer card

Payoneer Service Fees

  • 3 USD to receive fund
  • 1 USD for fund withdrawal

Method to withdraw less than 50 USD from Payoneer

  • Open a Geegpay account
  • Update your profile
  • Create a virtual USD Bank account
  • Linked the created USD Bank account to Payoneer
  • Wait for approval
  • Click on withdraw
  • Withdraw the fund to the account created

Note that the minimum withdrawal is 25 USD

This method might also work with other bank accounts that haven’t been tested.

Can I withdraw money from Payoneer without verification?

Yes, you can make withdrawals from your Payoneer account if your documents are still under review in the verification centre but your local bank linked to the Payoneer is approved then you can make a withdrawal. But when you get to the withdrawal limit, you will have to verify your documents. The withdrawal limit is 11,000 USD.

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