Tribapay Virtual Dollar Card Review

Tribapay Virtual Dollar Card Review

Tribapay Virtual USD card is one of the newest virtual cards that can be used for a foreign site that only accepts dollars or uses payment with a 25000 USD monthly transaction limit. They have processed 1.6 million USD transactions since its creation.

The Tribapay card can be used on sites like Ali Express, Facebook ads, PayPal, Netflix and much more. They have two types of USD virtual cards which are the Standard Dollar Card and the Gold Dollar Card. Both cards perform the same function and work seamlessly. Below is the breakdown of both card charges.

Dollar card creation fee and charges for transactions

Card limit

  • Card creation fees are $4
  • A maximum single deposit of $10,000
  • Maximum single transaction $10.000
  • Maximum card balance $10.000
  • Monthly transaction limit $25,000
  • A maximum of 5 Dollar cards can be created

Rates & Conversion

At the point of funding your dollar card, the current exchange rate will be made known to you and the equivalent in Naira will be debited from your Tribapay wallet.

Transaction Fees

Per transaction, the following transaction fees are applicable

  • $0.5-50 = $0.5
  • $51-$100=$1
  • Above $100 = $2

Funding Fees

A fixed fee of $5-$5 (in Naira) would be debited from your Tribapay wallet by our USD card partner when funding your dollar card.

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