Top apps to convert airtime to cash

Top app to convert airtime to cash.

These are the list of top apps to convert airtime to cash to your bank account with their charges. Converting airtime to cash is never done for free the operators remove their charges before sending it to your account.

Charges of Palmpay Recharge2cash

Palmpay Recharge2cash is one of the cheapest means of converting your airtime to cash and they charge 12% for all airtime which includes (MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile)

Charges of Tingtel airtime to cash

Tingtel charges 25% of any airtime you are converting to cash and they currently support (MTN and Glo)

Charges of aimtoget airtime to cash

Aimtoget charges 20% on Mtn airtime and 40% on 9mobile airtime and 30% on Glo Airtime.

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