Quick way to resolve Kuda ATM dispense error

A quick way to resolve Kuda ATM dispense error.

Resolving Kuda ATM dispense errors can be sometimes hard since they only have a few customer care to attend to their customers, unlike the normal commercial banks like Zenith, GT, and the rest that have branches everywhere and also easy to access customer care representatives in any of their branches. To solve Kuda dispense error or failed withdrawal transaction follow these steps

How to resolve failed Kuda withdrawal transaction

Send them mail: This is one of the most effective resolvings failed Kuda withdrawal transactions. Put the date and time the transaction was initiated in the mail and send it. It will take 1-10 working days for the reversal of the transaction to take place.

Pos dispute: If you made use of pos like Moniepoint, Opay, or Baxi to perform such a transaction, the agent can help you with initial dispute resolution from their end.

Avoid using the card: Instead of using the Kuda visa card, it is easier to use the cardless POS payment via the c’gate payment gateway on the app, although not all POS machine supports the system.

kuda customer care number

email: help@kuda.com

Call: 01 633 5832

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