Things needed to create a working PayPal in Nigeria

Things needed to create a working PayPal in Nigeria

One of the main problems faced by online business owners, freelancers and bloggers face daily is the problem of receiving funds using PayPal. Since it is one of the most convenient ways to receive payment with low charges compared to Skrill and Payoneer. PayPal opened in Nigeria and can not receive funds. but can be used for online payment.

Paypal was once supported in Ghana and a few African countries, Nigeria is exceptional. But now, most African countries are no longer supported.

How do you now open a working PayPal In Nigeria that can receive payment

Five things will be needed to open a working PayPal account in Nigeria without being banned
International SIM card
Strong Vpn (Nord VPN  recommended)
International Id
UK Gmail account

These are the most important requirements to successfully operate UK PayPal without restrictions.

International SIM: the main reason why you need an international SIM is that you need to verify your location with an international number (UK) in particular and for this reason, you need the SIM, also not that virtual number doesn’t work as the system won’t recognize it as a physical number. You can get this in Nigeria for as low as 20k

Strong Vpn service: using a free VPN will leave so many traces even if you are not been caught instantly you will later be caught that is why a premium VPN is recommended like Nord VPN when setting up the PayPal

UK Gmail: The Nigeria version of Gmail is different from the UK version so you are required to open a Gmail using the VPN to mask your location.

UK valid ID: lastly you need UK documents for validation which will enable you to have unlimited access.

Virtual USD card: you need a virtual debit card to connect to PayPal after creating it to enable you to receive and transfer funds.

After the creation of PayPal, you must always use your Vpn to access it to avoid being banned from the payment platform.

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