How to request for loan as a Moniepoint agent

How to request a loan as a Moniepoint agent.

As an existing Moniepoint agent with a good sales record, you are qualified to get an instant loan from Moniepoint with The approval of your aggregator.

How to qualify for Moniepoint loan
To get qualified for the loan, you must have been their agent for six months and also must have carried out a series of transactions on your pos

You can get up to a million from them, it all depends on the number of transactions you have carried out. The best part is the loan comes with low interest

How to apply for a Moniepoint loan.

*How to Apply for a Loan*

* Click on Manage all businesses

* Scroll down the page

* Below the page you will see the loan click on view more.

Click on disburse.

Reason Why your Moniepoint loan / Overdraft wasn’t approved

Every MP agent is always assigned to an aggregator who oversaw the transaction done by the agent, it is also the aggregator that is responsible for blocking the agent terminal when the target is not met. For the loan/overdraft, it is the aggregator that will approve the loan before it is disbursed to the agent account. In case your loan was not approved or the time just stopped, it is from the aggregator.

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