How to solve uncredited approved transactions on Moniepoint

How to solve uncredited approved transactions on Moniepoint

Some agent still finds it difficult to solve uncredited withdrawal transactions. This article will break down how agents can balance all the transactions done on their Moniepoint machine.

Steps to take to solve uncredited withdrawal transactions

After the end of the login to your Moniepoint dashboard via Moniepoint agent app and take a look at the transaction chart, check the total approved withdrawal transaction, and check if it corresponds with the EOD printed out from the machine.

If the approved transaction doesn’t tally with the total approved withdrawal on the printed EOD, then the money is missing somewhere. The two must correspond.

The first thing to do is to synchronize your transactions again. If after synchronization, it still doesn’t tally, start tracking each transaction made and check for the one that is missing in your transaction history but reflecting on EOD.

Once you have been able to track the missing transaction send the transaction information to the customer service for resolution.

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