Moniepoint Android Pos Review

Moniepoint Mini Android Pos Review

The Moniepoint android pos is a combination of screen touch and physical buttons. The android pos were, introduced to the market based on the demand for an android pos in place of the Moniepoint analog. It is a 4g enabled Android POS machine with an inbuilt battery that can last for 3 days.

Features of the mini android Moniepoint

  • Fund transfer
  • On-screen refund request
  • Inbuilt printer
  • Keypad
  • Card Transfer

Price on the Moniepoint android mini pos

The mini android goes for 25k for leasing and you are made to insure the terminal for any future occurrence. The insurance lasts for one month before renewal.

The mini Moniepoint uses an inbuilt battery which is non-removable.

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