How to Unblock Your Moniepoint Account Business pin

How to Unblock Your Moniepoint Account Business pin

Moniepoint agents often experience this type of problem when they try to log into their Moniepoint dashboard or enter the wrong transaction pin 3 times on either their Moniepoint terminal or portal.

How to unlock Moniepoint Terminal Blocked

Follow the following process to unblock terminals
Kindly log on to
Click on Manage Businesses/Agent’s Name.
Click on the blue three dots on the top right-hand side of the screen
Or you click on ‘Account’ and then ‘Security’.
Click on Settings.
Click on Reset Authorization PIN.
Input your Moniepoint online password,
Input your desired pin for the POS
Confirm the new PIN.
Input the OTP sent to your registered phone number.
Save Changes.
Then Restart the terminal.

Ensure the Terminal is switched off when following this process and note, to use a new pin, not the previous ones.

How to reset your Moniepoint Dashboard login

  1. Click on “forgot password”.
  2. Input your username( A reset link gets sent to the email address linked to the username provided)
  3. Fetch the reset link sent to your mailbox and click on the link provided in the mail.
  4. Create a new password( Essentials: Capital letter, A Number and The password needs to be 6 characters long)
  5. Upon successful completion. Please make use of your existing username and new password to log in to the web platform.

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