M-kopa Phone loan and payment plan review

M-kopa Phone instalment payment plan review

M-kopa is an alternative instalment phone payment platform just like easybuy, they also allow their customer to pay daily. Unlike easybuy, m-kopa partners with Nokia and Samsung which mostly run on Snapdragon chipset and Unisoc and not MediaTek and most importantly their lock feature can’t be easily bypassed like that of easybuy. M-kopa is not just into phones alone, they also have other products such as Solar installation

List of Smartphones being sold on m-kopa

Nokia c30

Nokia C20

Nokia C21+

Nokia G21

Nokia X10 5G

Samsung A03 core

Samsung A03





M-kopa payment plan

Their payment plan can be spread within 4-6 months, during this duration the money can be paid weekly or monthly depending on how comfortable you are. Also, note that the money can only be paid on the quickteller app, unlike easybuy where you will be assigned a special account number to pay to.

Penalties for late payment of m-kopa instalment payment

All the features of the phone will be locked including the messaging app, the only thing the user will be able to do is just to receive phone calls. Also, note that the phone can’t be flashed or bypassed the lock. Once the money has been paid it will be unlocked.

Interest Rate of m-kopa

Their interest rate ranges from 50%-60% depending on the price of the phone and the duration.

How to unlock m-kopa phones without paying

Currently, there is no other way to unlock their phone when you default your payment. The only way to unlock the phone is by paying on time to avoid being locked out

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