How to increase your internet speed with Vpn in Nigeria.

How to increase your internet speed with a Vpn in Nigeria.

If you need help accessing some websites and streaming platforms, maybe it is time to consider using a reliable paid vpn, and not a free vpn packed with ads and limited bandwidth. Vpn is not only meant for unblocking restricted URLs blocked by geolocation for some countries. Most phone users see vpn as just a tool to bypass websites, but it does more work than that. Here is the list of the things that can be done with vpn.

Increase Internet speed

Most ISP providers reduce their internet speed, depending on the package you opt for. Most especially when it comes to the unlimited mid-night plan, they know that subscribers will want to do some heavy downloading which they aren’t allowed to do during the day cause the data is capped so they will throttle the internet speed to like 400Kbps but with a vpn service you can enjoy faster internet service.

Bypass Streaming Services

This is one of the most common uses of vpn. Streaming services tend to block some countries from accessing their platform or dishing out different content. This type of activity is common with Netflix while streaming services like HBO and Disney plus can not be accessed in most countries, especially in Africa.

Access to exclusive game tiles

There are some games that are not available in Nigeria’s app stores like the play store or ios stores but are made available for other regions, this also includes phone updates and security patch that are not globally released.

For the best paid vpn service, you can opt for Nordvpn or Express vpn. Both offers similar service with just a slight or unnoticeable differences.

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