Open a working Wells Fargo account in Nigeria?

How to open a Wells Fargo account in Nigeria?

A Wells Fargo checking account is one of the easiest accounts to open in Nigeria if you are not residing in the state, Having a Wells Fargo account will make it easier to receive payment as a freelancer or as someone who works online for foreign companies that pay in USD. This article will take you through the process of opening it in Nigeria with the Geegpay platform.

Geegpay is an online money-receiving platform that partners with foreign banks through which you are given a virtual checking account to receive your payment. This includes (GBP, EUR and USD).

How to open a Wells Fargo checking account.

  • Open a Geegpay account
  • Verify the necessary Document
  • Click on the wallet and select USD
  • Create a Virtual USD account which is Wells Fargo
  • Wait for it to generate the account number.

Note that these account don’t work with PayPal but can be linked with Payoneer

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