Chipper Cash USD virtual card and exchange rate

Chipper Cash USD virtual card and exchange rate.

Chipper Cash has become one of the most used or most preferable virtual USD cards to make online payments in Dollars as it is supported by many foreign sites such as Ali Express, Facebook, foreign hosting sites, and others. Although the chipper exchange rate is not on the cheap side as it currently goes for 1600 to 1 USD and payment of 2000 Naira will also be deducted for card creation while 1000 Naira Virtual Card.

The Chipper app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app can be used to make other Transactions like payments of utility bills (airtime, Data, and Cable subscription) and can also be used to invest in a foreign stock exchange.

How to fund the Chipper Cash Virtual Card.

Once the account creation has been successfully done and approved, you can either fund your chipper account via debit card or the chipper account created for you. From there, you can create your card and also fund your dollar virtual card using the naira to USD exchange rate.

Chipper cash dollar exchange rate to naira.

The exchange rate from dollar to naira is always lower than from naira to dollar but the difference is not that much the current USD rate now is 1 USD to 1600

Other benefits of the Chipper app

As a verified user, you can receive payment from the USA, from family and friends, and not from companies like Geegpay or Grey.co

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