How to open a Working US bank account in Nigeria

How to open a Working US bank account in Nigeria.

As a Nigerian citizen, you can now open a US account in Nigeria without being a US citizen. This can be done by using these platforms which is available not only to people in Nigeria alone but also to people in other supported African countries. So as a freelancer working in Nigeria, you can now give your client your US account number to make payment.


Geegpay is an online financial platform that allows people to open a US bank account with their Nigeria document and once it has been approved, all money received will be credited within 24hrs excluding non-working days. The required documents
is your ( Valid ID, BVN, Ban Account and Utility Bill) The charges are less than 2 USD when you receive funds.


Grey is just like geegpay they use almost the same system of operation but the difference is just the exchange rate which is a little bit higher than geegpay. It works with Amazon and some freelancing websites but the account number can not be linked with Paypal. You will also need a valid ID, BVN, Ban Account and Utility Bill) before it can be approved.

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