How to use grey. co to receive Payoneer funds in Nigeria

How to use grey.co to receive Payoneer funds in Nigeria

Grey. co is online banking that allows freelancers and bloggers to receive money in Nigeria without having to open a Domiciliary account and can also be linked with AdSense. With a grey account, one can receive payment from an Amazon affiliate and can also be linked with a Payoneer account by creating an international Virtual USD and GBP account that can be operated here in Nigeria.

How does the Grey .co account work

Grey. co allows Africa to open an international Virtual USD and GBP once this is created you will be able to receive payment and the good part is that they make use of the black market rate when receiving your money, unlike a normal Domiciliary account. And it is also a currency exchange platform.

Once you have successfully registered on the platform, you need to create the type of Bank account you need and this depends on the type of currency you will like to receive. So if you are earning in dollars you create a USD account and if you are earning in GBP, you create a GBP account.

grey. co exchange rate

Grey .co exchange rate is similar to that of the black-market price and not the regular parallel banking rate so is bank rate is 490 and Blackmarket is 720 Grey exchange rate should be 689-700 which is better and can be transferred to a normal account with 1% fees

Grey. co Requirements

  • Working Email
  • Valid identification card
  • Bvn
  • Passport
  • Bank account.

How to link Grey. co with the Payoneer account

  • Open your Payoneer account
  • Click on settings
  • Bank account
  • Add your grey bank account
  • Wait for an email from Payoneer if it was successful

Once this has been done, you can now withdraw from Payoneer to grey but it is easy if you are withdrawing with GBP. So if your money on Payoneer is in USD you can convert it from Payoneer to GBP and send it.

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