Best vpn to watch Netflix Exclusive Content

Best vpn to watch Netflix Exclusive Content

Most Netflix subscribers don’t know that Netflix has exclusive content which is not part of Netflix’s original. Netflix original movies and shows can be viewed anywhere and not restricted to a particular geo-location. but, the exclusive movies and shows are made to be viewed in some geo-location while users outside that location won’t be able to watch them, and this is why a VPN is needed to unblock the geo-restriction.

Not all VPNs support this, Most, if not all free and some paid VPN IPs have been blacklisted by Netflix, and this is why we will be listing the VPN that can bypass Netflix geo-restrictions.

Best Three VPNs to Unblock Netflix

How to use your Netflix with VPN

Once you have subscribed to any of the above VPNs, make sure all your device is connected to the VPN server, most especially the one meant to stream Netflix. the next thing to do is to launch the VPN and choose the location you wish to stream their Netflix content. If you are in Canada and you wish to view USA Netflix, you choose a server located in the USA in order to bypass the geo-restriction

How to solve Netflix VPN proxy error

Netflix has been able to blacklist some proxy servers, so anytime you get a proxy error when using Netflix, always change the VPN server location to a newly created one by your VPN, has VPN has also created a special proxy for Netflix use and is always updated.

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