Mtn always on Data Plan Ultimate Review

Mtn always on Data Plan Ultimate Review

The MTN always-on plan is a newly added data pack added to MTN data plan, The always-on data is cheap and affordable. Unlike other data plans, The always-on data comes In two different packages which are the 6k and the 3k. The 6k is 45GB while the 3k is 15GB.

After the plan has been activated 1.5GB will be allocated on a daily basis for the 6k package for the period of one month and if exhausted you will have to wait for 24hr to be allocated another data.

What happens if the data is not exhausted?

The remaining data will roll over to the newly allocated data so you don’t lose the previous data and it goes like that for the period of one month.

How to activate the MTN always on the plan

To active the always-on data visit the MTN site or

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