How to Resolve Moniepoint Network Problem

How to Resolve Moniepoint Network Problem

Whenever you are experiencing a network problem on your Moniepoint pos machine, here are the necessary steps to take to resolve such a problem.

Steps on how to resolve POS network problems

Check SIM data: Your pos won’t connect if you have exhausted your data bundle. That is why it is imperative always to check and renew your data plan.

Availability of internet: Moniepoint won’t connect to the server If your data network is not available even if you have enough data on the sim. When you notice such an issue always try the SIM on a mobile phone to verify the internet connection.

Expired key: As an agent, you always ensure that you always download your key on the terminal to fix any network glitches.

SIM not available: This is very common, especially with nano and micro sim. When using any of these type of SIM, make sure it is set properly.

Test Moniepoint network: Always to a network test on the pos. There are some cases whereby data will be available but Moniepoint server will be down

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