How to buy gift card on Kuda banking app

How to buy gift cards on the Kuda banking app

Kuda unlike other banking apps allows its users to get a gift card of their choice at affordable prices. What are gift cards? Gift cards are small redeemable cards of high-profile companies that can be converted to cash or can be used to purchase items online from the company store or gaming store.

Companies with redeemable Gift cards

  • Itune
  • Google play
  • Amazon
  • Addidas
  • Airbnb
  • eBay

How to Purchase a gift card from Kuda banking app

In order to be able to buy a gift card from Kuda app from your mobile phone apps store. Register and fill in the necessary documents requested to complete your KYC

Click on payments and select gift card, from there you can make a purchase of any gift card of your choice.

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