How to solve Approved withdrawal not reflecting in the wallet on pos

How to solve Approved withdrawal not reflecting in the wallet on pos

Here are the 3 things to do if the money in your pos wallet needs to be completed. When you cross-reference it with the total withdrawal transaction you have performed.

This issue usually occurs when there is a glitch in the network, or when there is a network downtime from the POS provider you are making use of. like Opay kudi and Moniepoint

4 Steps to take to get to balance your pos wallet.

Perform a network test: this is the first step that should be taken when you notice that the money in your wallet is not adding up, try and do the data test of the POS to make sure they are having any network downtime.

Synchronize: Perform terminal synchronization task. This will allow all the transactions that are yet to be credited to the wallet to reflect. In the process of doing so, you might see something like 2 transactions have been successfully synchronized

Restart the terminal: This is the last process. After you have followed the first two steps, restart the terminal and check your wallet balance.

Note: after following these processes and your money in your wallet is still not complete contact the support by providing the receipts of the transaction that is yet to reflect, you can also print your EOD to compare the transactions.

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