Type of Failed pos Transaction Responses on pos machines

Type of Failed pos Transaction Responses on pos machines

As a POS agent, you should get yourself familiar with the different types of response messages you get when you perform a POS transaction. These responses will determine if it is a successful transaction.

Type of response messages from a POS terminal

Inactive switch: when you initiate a withdrawal transaction on a POS or ATM and you get this type of message, it simply means that the beneficiary bank is currently having a system downtime. In this case, the cardholder might be debited for a failed withdrawal Transaction. But in this case. The cardholder is expected to wait for 24 hours for reversal. If the fund is not refunded the cardholder should visit the bank and fill dispense error form.

System malfunction: This is another response message for a failed transaction and this is caused when you select an invalid account type on the debit card or the service glitch. If such happens, and the customer gets a debit. He or she should wait for fund reversal or visit the bank to fill dispense error form to lodge the complaint.

Do not honor: This type of response is either the beneficiary bank is down or the card is yet to be activated. If the customer has been using the card for a transaction before and this type of response comes up. It means the bank or pos is having a downtime.

Card restricted: This often happens when the card has been deactivated by the cardholder or the terminal has been put on lien by the aggregator. Moniepoint agents often experience this when they fail to meet their daily target.

Invalid Transaction: If you get an invalid Transaction response when a transaction is been initiated, it simply means that the card has been deactivated or has not been activated for the transaction.

limit Exceeded: This simply means you have gotten to the transfer limit or card withdrawal limit for that day, till after 24hrs

Note: all the above-mentioned responses are all failed transactions.

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